Energy Savings

Energy Savings

save energy with valancesSave Energy:

without window coverings, you will experience up to 40% heat loss and up to 50% heat gain.  A well insulated home is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and can mean a significant reduction in energy costs.

Save the Environment:

less carbon footprint. Less power consumption helps our environment by reducing CO2 emissions which contribute to global warming. Local and State Governments now recommend the installation of curtains with pelmets in new homes, making it easy to achieve the optimal 5 Star energy rating.

Well insulated window coverings also protect your home contents from fading and UV related disintegration.

Cooler in Summer:

Hot summer days add significantly to the energy required for cooling your home. Our summers are becoming harsher due to climate change.

Warmth in Winter:

Heat loss occurs more readily in winter where your windows are prone to condensation and chill.

A 1 degree fall in temperature in your home adds 10% to your heating bill. Proper window coverings such as heavy drapes can preserve up to 20% of total heat.

Closely woven, close fitting curtains are a very effective way of protecting windows from heat loss at night. They also provide extra summer protections, especially with reflective linings.

A snug fit on both sides of the window and at the top of the curtain stops warm air from moving down behind the curtain and cooling. Boxed pelmets or solid strips above the curtain rail are essential.